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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: What to Watch Next – Price Points

Years ago entertainment felt like it was based on appointment. For movies, you had to go to the theater at a specific time. For television shows, you had to be at home and on the couch a few minutes before it started to make sure you didn’t miss the show. Now, you can pull up Netflix, Hulu or Amazon etc. to watch whatever you want at the push of a button. In some ways this is great because on demand entertainment makes these shows and movies available to everyone whenever they have the time. But this also means that content has gotten to the point that it’s over-saturated with choices. We’re reaching a place where supply blows demand out of the water. Because of this, incredible content gets over looked. So it’s time to narrow down what shows are really great quality these days so you never miss something that you’ll really enjoy.

Price Points is a Youtube show by the food network, Epicurious. In each episode an expert on a certain food/drink topic is challenged to guess which of two mystery items is more expensive. For example, the hot sauce expert is given two mystery bottles of hot sauce. Using his knowledge of hot sauces, he examines the ingredients used, the smell, the flavor etc. to guess which is cheaper and which is higher quality.

Trying to predict which is more expensive yourself can be a fun and challenging game, plus the show is incredibly educational. Through price points I’ve learned that turkey bacon isn’t actual bacon (it’s sausage). You can tell how much alcohol is in a wine by swirling it in the glass. And you should wash out paper filters before you brew your coffee to get rid of that papery flavor.

Price Points is a lot of fun especially if you’re a food lover. There are episodes about ice cream, chocolate, beer, cheese, bread and many more food varieties. Each episode is fairly short, clocking in at roughly 18 minutes. So it’s perfect if you’re looking for a new show to watch without spending too much time on it. Maybe you’ve only got a limited time to watch on your lunch break. Or maybe you’re just interested in learning new things about food that you never knew, I highly encourage this show. Below is the playlist of all of their episodes on Youtube. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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