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I got hacked!

This is a feel good blog. But something not so feel goody happened to me recently. My cell phone got hacked! I have an iPhone and noticed that it asked me to change my password for privacy reasons. I thought that it may be Apple trying to get me more secured so I did it. Later I started having problems with my phone asking more and more for my password. I knew something was up.

I looked through my settings and saw that there were not 1 but 3 Administrator cell phones listed with Chinese symbols next to them. Wellllll I do not own 3 extra iPhones. I immediately called Apple customer support for help. They couldn’t figure it out and seemed concerned. Well that made me even more concerned, BECAUSE YOU ARE APPLE.

They were going to call me back once they looked into it further but I decided NAH. I’m gonna be my own hero today. I started tinkering around and I FIGURED OUT HOW TO DELETE THE CHINESE HACKERS FROM MY PHONE. I DID IT. ME!

I was a genius that day. An apple genius. And THAT my friends is why this is in my Feel Good Blog!

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