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Feeling the blahs?! Try this!

Does it not feel like we are in the 76th week of January?! When will this cold obnoxious weather end?! We need some sunshine and warmth. If you’re like me, you’re feeling Winter pretty hard. I get it. It feels like happiness will never return. Okay maybe not that dramatic but you get it. When I’m feeling blah, and needing a little extra happiness, I take a trip.

This past weekend I went home to Chicago and enjoyed some time with my family and our family pets! Seriously there is no better medicine. I feel like I can be myself. I feel like I can take a breather.

This doesn’t require a family trip. Maybe you need a little family break! Lol. We’ve all been there, I get it. Taking a trip in general is always a great refresher. I like to make a fun playlist that I listen to the entire ride. This morning I grabbed some good coffee, turned my tunes on and enjoyed the drive. Need a little boost in happiness? Plan a little trip!

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