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Trim Down Challenge Update!

About a month ago Jessica and I signed up for the Trim Down Challenge. Its been a a tough start but I’ve finally started making progress. I’ve been incorporating the KETO diet in with my working out regimen. Well it seems like I’ve hit a stride because I’m officially down 15 pounds! I’m not gonna lie, it’s been tough. I was terrible with the way I was eating before I started. Same with working out- or lack there of.  This has been a straight up lifestyle change for me. I cut sugar, carbs, all pop. Its been hard!

I find that I’m less hungry, more clear headed, more agile, and the best part of it all, way more energy. I encourage you, even if you don’t do KETO. Try something! If you are feeling tired and depressed. Exercise and cutting sugar and carbs will do wonders for you! And if you’re afraid like I was- go into with the mindset of “This doesn’t have to be my forever. But I need to give this 100% right now”

We’re still on this journey together and I’m really excited to see how far I go!

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