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Happy Death Day 2U- A review

What a lovely title right?! So here’s the deal. Recently I was looking for a spooky movie to watch. I love a good spooky movie now and again. I was browsing Amazon Prime and saw that they had a movie called Happy Death Day for $.99. And that price sounded pretty good to me! So I decided to rent it! I remember when this movie came out, I thought it was going to be the dumbest thing. Surprisingly, I loved it! It had a great plot (similar to Groundhog Day), but had its own uniqueness. Plus, a tiny bit of comedy!

Because I decided to watch it years after it came out, I saw there was a sequel coming out that same week! Weirdly enough it was only here in Kokomo for legit a week. So finding a time to get there was a bit difficult. I headed there with Jessica and Ben and we had the entire theater to ourselves. Sequels can be kind of tough. A lot of them are hit or miss.

This one was actually pretty good! They kept going with the same premise but added some more layers to it. A little bit more silly that the first one but still kept the mystery coming the entire movie. Do I think they will make a third one? No. They did leave it open for a third one however, I’m assuming because of its short lived time in theaters, we probably won’t see more to this story.

If you’re looking for a fun spooky movie, this is it! And, its pretty appropriate for all ages!

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