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Furry Fridays! Dry food vs Wet food. What’s best for your pet?

When you finally get an animal, you have so much to think about and decide on. One of the main things is the type of food for your pet. There’s always been a big debate between wet and dry food! For my dog, my vet recommended a dry grain free food as Stiles has some unique allergies. I would recommend being aware of your pets allergies and also getting a vet recommendation. I’ve always found that employees at pet store also tend to have a pretty good unbiased knowledge of what they are selling. I will use wet food as a bit of a treat for Stiles. Sometimes I will mix it in with his dry food. I’m not the expert on this topic at all, but I know someone who is! Karen from the Humane Society gave me her thoughts on the matter!

Note from the Director

It is always a question on what type of food is the best for your pet, dry or wet. There are fairly simple pros and cons to both choices.

Dry food or kibble is convenient, you don’t have to refrigerate it and it is easy to serve to your pets. It also keeps longer once the bag is open. You can also leave dry food out longer if you have a pet that likes to graze rather than eat it all at one time.  Dry food comes in a wide range of price but it is generally less expensive than any canned food.

With these things in mind there are also benefits of canned food. Both dogs and cats tend to love it! It has more aroma, and they like the texture and moisture of canned food so will tend to eat it all at once which is nice. Often canned food will have more protein but that can really depend on the brand and quality of the food you purchase. There are some animals, cats in particular that don’t drink enough water so giving wet food will help them to stay hydrated. I have read that it isn’t a bad practice to feed cats a totally canned food diet but I have never done this and have had cats live up to eighteen years.

Personally I treat canned food as a treat and will occasionally mix a small amount in with dry kibble. This way they get the crunch of the dry and the high flavor of the canned food. I think simply providing the highest quality of pet food you can and maybe mixing it up a bit to provide some variety is good practice.

Our pet of the week is Pert. She is a one year old female tabby cat. She is very pretty, super sweet and once she gets to know you a bit is very friendly. She is spending her time with us in the Cat Café cat colony so we know that she will do fine with other cats. She is current on vaccines and has already been spayed. Her adoption fee is $30


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