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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: Planning Fun Party Games

So we’ve just completed the Z92.5 Battle for the Crown! A contest that stretched throughout last week and the first part of this week ending with Jessica as the victor! (spoiler alert I guess if you hadn’t seen it yet and wanted to watch it… Sorry about that!)

If you’ve got a party coming up, planning some minute to win it games could be a great way to make sure your guests have a great time!

Here’s some great games to play at your next get together:

This Blows – Hilarious game. We played this on day 2 of our Z92.5 Battle for the Crown. All it takes is 10 plastic cups and a balloon. You have to blow up the balloon and using only the air inside you have to push the cups off the edge of the table. It’s much harder than it sounds, but hilarious to watch. Here’s a video of it in action.

Penny Hose – This could possibly be my favorite game. All it takes is a pair of pantyhose and 2 pennies. You place the pennies into the bottom of each leg of the pantyhose. Then you must put the pantyhose on your arms and retrieve the pennies. Funniest game ever! Check it out!

Stack Attack – You must take your cups and stack them all the way up to a point and then pull them back into a single stack. The difficulty of this game varies based on the amount of cups that you want to use. Here’s another video!

Pool Pong – I invented this one! So no professional video sadly, but you can watch how it went on our Facebook Live today! Here’s the rules: In Pool (billiards, not swimming) you have to get either all of the solids or stripes in. In Beverage Pong you have to throw a ping pong ball into a cup to eliminate it. This game combines those two games. Each person gets their own cup color. You each take turns throwing ping pong balls into the cups until you’ve eliminated all of your own color cups. But here’s the twist! If someone else gets a ping pong ball into your cup then it still counts. So technically you could win without actually getting any ping pong balls into your cups! Super fun game, check out our facebook live video to see it in practice and feel free to adjust the rules to your own choosing!

These games will get you started on your party, but make sure to make them your own. Come up with prizes and more games to make your party attendees want to rave about your party for weeks to come!

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