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Westworld- What the heck is going on on this show?!

I love a good show that makes you think. That’s what Westworld has been to me. Forget Game of Thrones. (I’ll go back and watch that). I’ve heard nothing but good things about Westworld! According to IMDB it has a 8.8/10. That’s a hard feat to get to a number like that! So APPARENTLY someone knows what they’re talking about.

Ben and I share an office so we talk a lot about what we’re watching. Ben has seen this one and told me its worth it! I watched Season 1 in a weekend and let me tell you, he was right. The premise is basically as follows- There is a theme park full of robots that are almost life like in nature. Wealthy people have the option to buy time at this place. It’s a free for all. The robots can all get hurt, but they cannot hurt people. When you leave robots in charge you KNOW there’s gonna be some problems. You start to really understand what’s going on the last episode of Season 1! Lots of AHA moments!

Well I’m now on Season 2 and I legit have NO IDEA what is going on. I don’t want to give spoilers but I will say- I had to turn it off and watch something else for a bit so I could give my brain a break from thinking. There’s always so much happening that it’s hard to keep every detail in order! Have you seen it?! What do you think? The idea for this show is something that I’ve NEVER seen before!

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