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I bought this because I wanted a touch of Nostalgia

I miss the good old days sometimes. Ya know- the days when I could plan my day around singing karaoke and what I was going to have for lunch. (Usually it was chicken nuggets). Being a kid was fun. I miss it often. No bills. Not a care in the world. And being in the BEST shape of my entire life. No like for real, I was a mini professional athlete!

One of the most fun things we did as kids was play video games. This wasn’t when XBOX and PlayStation was around. In fact, NONE of those systems had even been invented at that point. Dun dun dun. I know. I’m old. My parents bought us a Super Nintendo with a few games. Me and my two sisters really started to love one in particular. Donkey Kong. Now I’m fully convinced that every kid grew up with like a toy/video game room. My sisters and I spent all of our time here!

We had some crazy battles playing Donkey Kong and even got my Dad involved. I’m talking hours in front of this tiny little TV battling it out. It was a blast.

Ever since then I haven’t done much with video games. Until recently. I decided to purchase a Nintendo Switch and get back to the good ole days. (cue Kesha and Macklemore) It’s been so much fun! I bought the new version of Donkey Kong and have been battling it out. Kind of. By battling it out I mean conquering one level and getting angry every time I die because I don’t understand the new buttons just yet! I also picked up a Mario game while I’m at it! Really looking forward to learning both again! It’s nice to have a hobby again. mmm. Nostalgia.

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