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Furry Fridays: Its Bathtime! Tips and Tricks for bathing your animal!

Scrubba Dub Dub! This week we are talking about bathtime! Dun dun dun. At least thats the sound that a lot of pet owners may hear when they know its time for a bath. I’ve been pretty fortunate to have a dog that isn’t too difficult when it comes to taking baths. Stiles as always been pretty good. It may take a little coaxing but he usually will oblige. This time can look different for a lot of people. When it’s time. Try talking to them really normal and calm. One of the problems I was having is that Stiles was so unfamiliar with the bathroom that it was almost a scary place for him to go into. I would try and leave the door open and invite him in when I was getting ready in the mornings so he could be a little less intimidated. I would also leave the door open at times so he could hear the sink running or tub filling. Thsoe big noises can scare animals! 

It took a couple tries but we’ve got bath time down for the most part. Once in the bathroom, I shut the door. He’s good, but he’s also a runner if I’m not looking. For a dog as large as Stiles, its easier for me to have two people doing this. One person to hold him up and talk to him and another to do the scrubbing. Some larger dogs are great and will sit and enjoy a bath. For me, Stiles makes his body really rigid and stiff. He doesn’t like to move on his own. So it helps to have another person. Another KEY thing I can’t reccomend enough is a sprayer. Oh man. If you don’t have a sprayer attachment you are missing out! For yourself AND for your pet! Its so much easier to be able to spray them rather than sit them under water or fill a tub. And a whole lot less messy! This also helps to get all of the soap washed away. Speaking of soap. This can matter! Stiles has very sensitive skin and is allergic to random things. For a dog like stiles with sensitivities I would reccomend an unscented or oatmeal shampoo and conditioner. 

Once you’ve completed the wash down. Dry them off with a towel in the tub. And see if they will shake off for you a bit in the tub as well. If they are good for a dryer, you can use the cool setting on your hairdryer to get them dryer faster. Stiles won’t have it. So I just towel dry him really good. Unles your dog is getting into mud and dirt like crazy- baths aren’t needed all the time. Just once in awhile! 

Oh and a tip for you as the owner- Wear an old shirt & expect to get wet!

Here is what Karen from the Kokomo Humane Society had to say!

Note From The Director

If I had to rate my least favorite chores Bathtime would for sure be above nail trims or giving medication. I consider a bath less of a struggle but it definitely involves a larger time commitment. Personally I enjoy a shower or the occaisonal bath but the picture below clearly expresses how my dogs feel about it. They both are pretty good about complying though and once in the bathroom will trudge into the shower and  just stand there. I know I am pretty lucky that they don’t fight me and also that they are short haired small dogs. I know it is nothing like washing a large furry dog and then having to spend forever brushing and drying them.

If you do have larger dogs I would recommend getting a dog bath tub which raises the dog up, lets you stand outside rather than joining in the actual bath and also keeps all the dog hair and dirt out of your tub or shower.

I have also heard of people with bath hating dogs putting peanut butter on a Frisbee and sticking it to the wall for the dog to lick while they are bathed. This seems a bit indulgent for my taste but you should do what you need to do to get the job done.

Another great option is the do it yourself dog baths where you pay to use a pet supply store’s facilities, I know that PetValu on Dixon has a set up nicer than my bathroom and it isn’t a bad price to use.

In the end you really shouldn’t wash your dogs too often as it will dry out their skin but when they roll in something rank there is no way out. I admit that is often when bath day is determined in our house.

Our adoptable pet of the week is Herbie, a nine year old Shetland Sheepdog Poodle mix. Poor Herbie lost his owner and there was no one that could take him so they brought him to us. He is a great dog but will need a home without cats. This is a good dog for someone either not afraid of baths or happy to take him to be groomed. His adoption fee is reduced senior fee of $50.


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