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Join us in The Trim Down Challenge!

New Year, New Me right? RIGHT! I’m terrible at resolutions, so I don’t make them. This year I’m going to try and do something different. Time to change my mindset about eating and exercising. A new year is a great new beginning to making better choices. When Jessica told me about the Trim Down Challenge, I knew this was going to be the PERFECT kick I needed to get going!

Keep in mind- $750 is up for grabs to the biggest losing team of co-eds, females, and males! Some extra cash in my pocket PLUS all the health benefits of a new healthy mind and body? Sign me up. Which is literally what we did yesterday. And you can to! The program runs for 13 weeks. There’s also prizes each week for the biggest losers.

Notice all of the positivity I’m putting into all of the words above? That is my way of trying to keep myself pumped up, because let’s be real- this is going to be work. Work that I need to stick with if I really want to see results. I’m glad to have Jessica along with me for the ride to keep me accountable and be there. Find a friend and join us! I plan to get myself back to Zumba at the Y! My favorite class!

How do you get yourself motivated to lose weight and get in shape?!


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