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New Years Resolutions- Did you make any?

Well, we’re officially a week into 2019! Congrats! You survived! … but did your resolutions?

“New Year, New Me” is the cliche phrase that you hear a lot of times at the start of a new year. People make these big elaborate plans to become a different person and take on healthier habits. While I love the fact that we all have this desire to be better, the reality is- when you set your resolutions too high, you usually fail. It’s hard to change habits. Especially ones that you’ve known your whole lives. It takes time. And mess ups. And begin agains.

I know myself. And I know that setting up a specific resolution for myself would be impossible to complete. Of course I would mess up. And have to start over. And when it comes to resolutions- that’s considered a fail. So this year I decided to do something a little different. Instead of telling myself I need to lose X amount of pounds by the end of the year, I’ve decided that my resolution is going to be more mental.

I have always struggled with positivity. I definitely would say I can be a negative person at times. However, there is something refreshing and renewing about the thought of a fresh start. And that is what a New Year represents to me. A fresh start. A renewing of my mind. An opportunity to grow. A chance to leave behind all the things that weigh me down mentally and emotionally. New Years is officially a new mindset for me. Join me!

Let’s get healthy mentally and the rest will follow!

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