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Need a little positive energy boost?! Decorate your work space!

When I first started working here I walked into what most people do- an empty desk and corkboard. It was plain. Which is great, because if I had someone else’s stuff all over it would be weird. That would be another blog completely! After a few months of getting acclimated and feeling more at home at work, I started to feel like something was missing.

My space was feeling plain and uninviting. I like to feel like my space is “me”. I like people to feel like they can stop in and feel comfortable. I can’t really accomplish that feeling of hospitality in an office space, but I could make it feel a little more homey.

Maybe you’re in the same boat. Maybe its not fun to show up to work because you stare at folders and a computer screen all day. I get it. Well, gather up some of your favorite pictures and quotes, and some tacs. Have a corkboard? Perfect. If you don’t, that’s okay too! You can find one for cheap. OR just use tape and tape it down to your cabinets. The cool part about this is that is has grown since it first started. I’ve added new pictures, concert tickets and little notes from friends. It makes me happy to look at.

Make your space your own!

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