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Netflix Christmas Movies- so bad they’re good.

I’ve been on this recent kick. Getting into the Holiday spirit the best way I know how! Some good ole Christmas movies! There’s 2 categories as far as I’m concerned. We’ve got the classics- Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, The Grinch, and Elf just to name a few. And then there’s the other category- Hallmark/Netflix Original movies.

I have to watch my fill of both categories for it to actualy feel like Christmas! Recently I’ve been checking out the selection of original Christmas movies on Netflix. They’re so cheesy and unrealistic that they literally make me want to sit and finish every last minute of it. Does she have her happy ending? Does she marry the man of her dreams? The answer to both of those questions is always Yes by the way. Lol! But It keeps me guessing!

The latest movie that I checked out is called The Princess Switch. I had to watch it. Vanessa Hudgens is in it! TWICE! I didn’t know you could make a Parent Trap Christmas movie. But you can! You guys have to check it out! So cute. So innocent!

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