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NETFLIX is literally KILLING IT with their original content!

This weekend was a cold one! A perfect weekend for staying comfy inside and enjoying some relaxation. I’ve been on the mend from a virus that seems to be lasting 12 years long, so I was more than happy to just chill. I had been looking for something new to watch on Netflix and nothing was really sticking out to me.

THEN I noticed that right under my nose was the 3rd season of Daredevil! This is a show that Ben and I have long time fangirled over. The plot is fantastic, the villains are great, and the way they shoot it is impressive! It keeps you hooked. I didn’t realize that the 3rd Season had been released, so needless to say, your girl was jumping off the couch excited.

I don’t know why I ever doubt original content from Netflix. They legit kill it 8/10 times. This is no exception! If you are looking for something to watch and have down time here or there, Daredevil is a great place to start!

And the best part? There’s 3 seasons up and ready to go!

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