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It’s time to Spice Up Our Lives Again!

There’s some news that just needs to be celebrated! This past week we heard A LOT of speculation that the Spice Girls were going back on tour again. We even saw some drama between Mel B and Posh Spice as Mel B slammed Victoria Beckham for not wanting to go back on tour with the girls! BURN.

FINALLY. After years of teasing, the news is confirmed! The Spice Girls WILL in fact be going back on tour starting in the UK! We have about 6 stops confirmed so far, but you know that’s not going to be all. If they are REALLY reuniting they are going to do it right!

I imagine after they see how the first few shows will sell, they will continue to add to the list. THEY BETTER COME TO AMERICA! Come on ladies! We have some avid Spice fans here that need to see you!

My 90’s self is FREAKING OUT right now.

Don’t mind me, I’m just going to be singing every single Spice Girls song for the rest of the day.

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