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WEB MD makes me a doctor right?!

It’s that time of the year again! Cold and Flu season baby! Get those tissues ready and stock up on some soup! I kicked it off in full swing this past weekend. My throat started hurting this past Friday. It just kept getting progressively worse. I started feeling a lump in my throat and a lot of pain. Then my ears joined in on the fun.

I really feel like my adult life has become a huge game of- Is this allergies? A cold? Or all in my head? I KNEW it wasn’t in my head but I wasn’t sure if it was just a really bad flare up of allergies (which I’ve never even had until this year!) or an actual cold.

I was desperately trying to get better so I wouldn’t have to go to the doctor. It’s the Holiday season and I hate spending money on things that aren’t Christmas presents, ya know what I mean?! But after I kept waking up over and over, I decied to do some research myself. Becasue I totally have a medical degree and know what I’m talking about right. Well, my throat was hurting. So I automatically assumed strep. I looked up pictures of strep and decided to see if I had it. I don’t have a tongue depresser so I decided to be super hyegine conscious and use a pen. So I sat in my bed for about 25 minutes taking a photoshoot of the back of my throat. YEP. DEFINITELY STREP! Ears felt weird. Couldnt see inside my ears but I decided YEP DEFINITELY AN EAR INFECTION.

I took a little trip to Urgent Care Sunday because I knew that not all the chicken soup in the world was going to help me get rid of this. Surprisingly I WAS RIGHT!!! So now for the rest of time, I’m going to use this one time I had it right to justify myself online doctoring!

But in all seriousness, this blog is all about feeling good. I want you to feel good! Especially during cold and flu season. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself. See a doctor if you need to! Stay healthy!!

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