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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: Who will die this season on Modern Family?

Who is going to die this season on Mondern Family? That’s a question that I never thought that I’d ask myself, but it has been confirmed by show runners that someone isn’t going to be making it out of this season alive. So for all Modern family fans, that’s the question on everyone’s mind. Could it be Jay, Gloria, Claire, Phil or even one of the kids? No one has been able to give us a straight answer so that we can be satisfied, so it looks like we’re just going to have to wait for the episode to air. Let’s discuss some theories to try to figure out the most logical solution.

  1. Jay Pritchett
    He seems like the most logical option due to his age. Throughout the show he always is talking to the rest of his family about how old he is and he’s not going to be around forever. That fact makes him almost too obvious of a choice to kill off. So obvious that it can’t be him (Or maybe it’s so expected it becomes… unexpected. Maybe he will die this season).Ed O’Neill, who plays Jay Pritchett, is one of the biggest names on the show though. He’s already had a successful run on another show on Married with Children. According to he’s ranked number three as everyone’s favorite character. Would fans be willing to watch a show without him? Fortunately, yesterday Ariel Winter, who plays Alex on the show, said “It’s a character that we’ll all be sad to see go, but it’s probably not an older character that you think is going to go.” That quote can only be referring to Jay so he’s out as an option.
  2. Dede
    Dede is Jay’s ex wife and also Mitch and Claire’s mom. She’s another logical option. She’s an older character like Jay. She has ties to each of the three families. Plus she’s been a recurring character. Every time she reenters the show she always causes drama. We have this negative picture of Dede and the death of her character is probably the only thing that’ll redeem her in some ways. This seems like the obvious choice… but I think it’s the second most likely option.
  3. Dylan
    The star crossed lover of Haley Dunphy. He’s been in and out of the show since the beginning and even now in season 10 he’s recently returned as a semi-regular. I seriously doubt that they’re going to be killing off a main character (one from the opening credits), so if they plan on killing off someone serious, Dylan is a character everyone in the cast knows well and would all be at least somewhat sad about his death. Some more than others. Phil would be upset of course because he’s always liked him. Cam would certainly be upset since he played in his band for a short time. Claire never really liked him, but this could be some thing that brings her closer to her father since Jay never liked Phil. This would also cause a big change and growth for Haley. This is my pick for the most likely option. Though the scale is tipping more in favor of Dylan over DeDe because of Ariel Winter saying that it’s probably not going to be someone old. Taking my prediction even further. I think Haley is going to get pregnant and become a single mother adding another layer to the family factions.
  4. Pam
    Pam is Cam’s sister and recently become a regular character on the show since she moved in with Cam and Mitch. She also recently had a son. In the event that she dies, Cam and Mitch will most certainly adopt the boy giving Lily a new brother. Personally I never really liked her character. It seemed forced for her to be included on the show in any capacity. She’s no ones favorite character so I don’t feel like losing her from the show would diminish it’s quality, plus provide us with some growth for the cast.
  5. Alex
    I know I said they’re not likely to kill off a main character (this is a sitcom, not game of thrones), but Ariel Winter wants off the show. She was the last person to sign on for season 9 and has made it apparent that she’s not really a fan of her character. Kill a kid would be a very bold move for a show like this though. I feel like this death option is unlikely.

Those are my predictions! For anyone that skipped down to this part and didn’t read any of the rest. I basically said it’s going to either be Dede or Dylan. Probably Dylan though. He’s getting his life together, going to nursing school and he wants to be with Haley and start a family. It seems like the character that will have the largest impact without compromising the show entirely. What do you think though? Do you agree with my predictions? Do you think it’ll be someone else? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter what you think!

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