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Want to gain some confidence? Learn how to do something new!

This past week I was feeling a little blah. I was loving the Fall weather but I could have gone without the stomach flu. You know how it goes. Sometimes, life just feels mundane. To top it off, I wasn’t feeling very motivated to do much. Including dressing up for work. Or putting makeup on. I know I’m not the only one who has these grand plans to show up in a ball gown and wakes up with 30 min left before you have to walk out the door only to toss all of those dreams into the garbage. Hoodie it is!

Well my friends, I decided Friday that it was time to spice it up a little bit. Time to get out of this little old funk I was in. I had done a story during my show the day previously about different ways to gain c0nfidence. They had tons of great suggestions on there. (One of which was to wear a new outfit!)

One of them that stuck out to me- Learn something new.

Well life has a funny way of making things happen sometimes. I woke up Friday morning. Got dressed. And got into my car. It was the first frost of the season. My car was apparently effected because when I turned it on, I saw that my tire pressure was low.

Now there’s no sense in lying to you… I have no idea how to do anything with cars. I mean the standard pump gas and drop it off to get an oil change- I got it. But anything beyond that- I’m calling up my Dad. Not today. Today I was determined to deal with this issue on my own. I pulled out my owners maunal, looked up the correct tire pressure. Then, I headed to the nearest gas station, found an air machine and searched for quarters. I had no idea what I was doing friends. But this is a lesson that has helped me tremendously in life- FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. I stood by the machine and read the directions and then took the plunge and tried it on my own. And you know what? I rocked it. I didn’t loose the air cap, didn’t run out of air, and filled all 4 tires perfectly. And its a good thing that I didn’t wear something nice because I got a little dirt on my hands in the process! I was SO proud of myself. Its such a little thing, but it served as a confidence booster! Get out there and try something new today!

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