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Why “Lost” is One of the Greatest Shows of All Time

I got on the “Lost” train a little later than some. But it’s been one of my favorite shows for the last 7 or 8 years. Today with this blog I hope to convince you to either watch it if you’ve never seen it, or rewatch it if you didn’t like it or it’s been a while.

There are two main formats for television shows: Episodic and serial. Episodic is when a plot wraps up at the end of every episode. These shows are great for when you happen to be flipping through channels and randomly decide to watch it. Many sitcoms and dramas follow this example (i.e. “Friends” and “Law and Order”). My problem with these types of shows is that most of the time the characters don’t really go anywhere. Not much typically changes from episode to episode.

Serial is when a plot continues over a long time either in arcs or seasons. This allows us to follow characters on a journey as we learn more about their world along side them. We see growth in characters and get more of a sense of accomplishment from wrapping up a season. Lost fits perfectly in this format and is a great example of how characters can change throughout the story.

In “Lost” season one, we see that our cast of characters have crash landed on an island and are fighting for survival. Everyone pitches in and uses the skills that they acquired from their regular lives in an attempt to find a way off the island. We learn all about their lives before the crash, and though many aren’t likable at the beginning, by the end we fall in love with these characters.

The second thing that makes “Lost” so amazing is that anyone can die at any time. I know that sounds harsh, but putting characters into a tough situation that they always get out of isn’t that fun to watch. It wasn’t until “Game of Thrones,” that we saw something like this happen again. You fall in love with a character and then get immediately crushed when they die out of no where.

The third reason why “Lost” is an incredible show, is that it is in no way predictable. Sitting in the movie theater where you figure out the twist midway though ruins the whole experience. What’s even the point in finishing a show if you can figure out what’s going to happen? Every episode of “Lost” ends with you yelling “WHAT!? DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!?” to your tv screen. That is the best feeling.

A couple of final notes for people who want to take the plunge and start watching: DO NOT LOOK ANYTHING UP! I don’t care if you think to yourself “I’ve seen that actor before… I wonder what else they’ve been in.” Resist the urge. Do not look up anything about the show. Spoilers are not fun especially for a show like this one. Also, don’t skip episodes. Don’t be that person that flips to the last chapter of the book to find out what happens. You will be thoroughly confused and immediately be annoying to all true “Lost” fans.

All seasons of this incredible show are on Hulu. I encourage you to at least check out the pilot episode. If you aren’t immediately hooked after episode one, this show might not be for you. Season one of lost really hit the ground running and did an incredible job building up this fantastical world. Here’s the trailer for season one. Let me know in the comments what you think of the show!

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