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Erin’s Feel Good Blog: A quote that I’m totally digging

I LOVE me a good quote. I really do. A good quote can help you through a lot of things in life. A break up. A mess up. A good day, or a bad day. It can help you see things in perspective and maybe even chance your views on certain things.

I’ve been trying to practice as much self care as I can lately. Focusing on my happiness. What makes me happy? What creates lasting happiness. Something that I am finding is that almost always your happiness is dependent on no one but YOURSELF! You are in control of the type of day you are going to have. A professor of mine once said- “You’re going to let something someone else says to you, change your day negatively? How can someone have THAT much control over you?!” He’s so right! We are only in control of ourselves! Check out what C.S. Lewis had to say about happiness!

“Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.”

People come and go. Situations change.Wherever you are in life. Whatever you are going through. I hope this quote brings you peace!

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