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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: Ben’s Movie Shoot Part 1

Hey Everyone! Figured I’d update you on what’s been going on back in North Carolina with the movie shoot for “Spiral Drive.” We started filming on Saturday morning and since then it’s been nonstop. It was a 16 hour day on Saturday and we managed to get through 30ish pages of the 90 page script. We literally shot a third of the movie in one day!

We got lost trying to film a scene in the mountains. We were in found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. The road wasn’t even paved! It was a small gravel/dirt road that winded around Brown mountain. There were trees down in that had fallen in the road (probably from the hurricane) but luckily someone moved them before we got there. The road ended at a massive waterfall that people were jumping off into the water below… Yeah… You couldn’t pay me to do that. But that’s North Carolina for you.

We’re now about 50 pages in and hoping to shoot another 20 tonight. Rain is supposed to move its way back into the area and might cause some shooting delays so if we can get as much done as possible tonight we’ll have less to film during that time.

But anyway, it’s been a blast. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to do this. I’ll have to take some pictures tonight so that I can post some when I update next time. Hope everything is great in Kokomo! I’ll be back Monday!

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