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Erin’s Feel Good Blog: The Addams Family

This past weekend I got all dressed up and went to Kokomo Civic Theater’s Production of The Addams Family! My first Kokomo Civic Theater performance PLUS it was of one of my favorite Halloween movies! I was down to get into the Halloween spirit!

Havens Auditorium was PACKED OUT! The lights went down, and then the classic Addams Family theme song started playing. Enter in the Addams Family. Standing together in pack. Serious faces on. Of course the crowd clapped at the designated SNAP SNAP part. It was so fun! I was excited!

I was REALLY impressed with everyone in the cast and how realistic they made these characters! They came to life! Morticia and Gomez were SPOT ON. It was insane!

The next few hours were full of comedy and music and lots and lots of dark humor. Got me right into the Halloween spirit! And also into the mood to watch the actual Addams Family movie!

Props to all performers! You were fantastic!

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