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Erin’s Feel Good Blog: Song Lyrics Gone Wrong

Picture this: You’re driving in your car. Your favorite song starts playing. You roll your windows down, blast it and start screaming the lyrics. Song ends. Your friend in the passenger seat looks at you and says “You know those aren’t the lyrics right?!” Mortified. Confused.

Lol, how many times has this happened to you?! More than I can count! Recently I came across this picture on Instagram…

I honestly laughed out loud. Footloose is one of those songs that they play non stop at wedding receptions and dances. Everyone comes out to the middle of the dance floor and starts screaming the lyrics. I have NEVER known the lyrics to this song. Ever. So I would just mouth words that sounded somewhat like the actual thing. There’s so many songs I do the same thing with. And here’s the thing, even after I learn the real lyrics, I’ll probably just keep saying the old ones. Because they are mine.

What songs did you believe had different lyrics?!

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