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Improve your Netflix Watching Experience!

Binge Watching is the best. One of my favorite weekend activities is to just lay on the couch all day and watch TV all day. There are some annoyances that can take away from the experience that fortunately can be remedied with some chrome extensions. Here’s 4 easy ways to improve your Netflix watching experience.

  1. You can remove titles from your viewing history. Just click on “Account” in the top right corner, scroll down to “My Profile” and then click “Viewing Activity.” Then you can uncheck whatever you want to remove.
    This one isn’t even a Chrome extension. This is just an amazing discovery I made today.  This is going to change my life forever! My fiance watches “Gilmore Girls” and I can… not… stand… the show. Constantly on my Netflix it’ll show up with “Since you watch Gilmore Girls, here’s other things you’ll love.” Nooooooo! Now I can remove “Gilmore Girls” to get back to the stuff I really like. (Note, Caele has her own Netflix profile… she can watch all the Gilmore Girls she wants on that.)
  2. The Never Ending Netflix Chrome Extension – This keeps the message “Are you still watching” from popping up. I cannot stand that message. Sometimes it’ll pop up after just one episode. I’m like “I just started watching! Of course I’m still watching!”
  3. Netflix Flip Chrome Extension – Do you watch Netflix while lying down? This will make it so you don’t have to angle your head all weird. This extension will turn your video sideways so that it’ll line up better with your eyes. If you’re watching it laying down on the couch and your significant other is sitting upright though… You’re out of luck.
  4. Netflix Roulette – If you’re completely out of shows that you like on Netflix. has a feature that lets you sort your Netflix by genre. You can even choose a minimum Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB rating. That way you know you’ll be getting a fun new show that others recommend.

So there you have it! Download these extensions for the perfect weekend!

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