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HANSON LIVE at the Indiana State Fair!

I want to start this blog off by apologizing for the oncoming teenybopper excitement. Now that that’s done, here we go!

When I heard that Hanson was going to be playing the Indiana State Fair, I KNEW I had to get there. I have been a Hanson fan since I was 9 years old! That’s right! Picture it! Little baby Erin running around in Hanson T-Shirts! And not just one of those “I love MMMBop!” fans. Of course I loved that song, but I love ALL of their music! I have distinct memories of listening to their first Christmas album Snowed In every Christmas. Each CD brings back different memories of different seasons of life!

I was contacted by one of our media contacts asking if I wanted to do an interview ahead of time to promote the show and I nearly fell on the floor. UM YES! I’ve attached a link to the interview with Zac Hanson if you haven’t heard it yet. Dream come true number 1.

I’ve only made it to 1 Hanson show my entire life and that was last December in Chicago as they celebrated their new Finally It’s Christmas album release. Dream come true number 2. They are insanely talented. Lyrically and vocally. They have perfected their craft.

When Zac told me that they would be playing all of their hits, I knew I had to get there! The day finally came, I decided to bring my Mom (because why wouldn’t I?! She bought me my first Hanson CD’s and T-Shirts as a kid. It was only fitting!) We showed up to the Fair and made our way to the stage. I had just found out earlier that day that I would be able to meet them. We waiting outside of the trailer as they ushered people in one by one until it was our turn. I walked in, and had to keep it cool. Because the teenybopper in me wanted to scream in their faces OMG OMG OMG I LOVE YOU! No no. I’m a professional Radio person. Keep it together Erin! We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. I told Zac I was the one that interviewed him on the radio and he immediately remembered! “You made it!” Of course I did! Super friendly smiley guys! We took a picture with them and then were ushered back to our seats. Did that really just happen? Dream come true number 3.

The time was here! Concert time. I went to the front of the stage and took some picutres (which I will post soon!) They played ALL of their biggest hits. They were high energy and interacted with the crowd the entire time! Isaac threw pics to the crowd. Zac and Taylor switched instruments to sing their latest hit “Juliet”. It really was impressive. The crowd went wild the entire time! The show was a hit from start to finish! And then they came out and took pictures and signed autographs. That’s when I allowed my fangirl side to come out a bit. Haha! If you have a chance to see them live, do it! You will love it. I promise. Enjoy the pictures below! All the dreams come true.

Check out my interview with Zac Hanson here! :

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