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Hereditary Review – The Most Dreadfully Chilling Horror Movie in Years

No Spoilers – Rated R

“Hereditary” by first-time writer/director Ari Aster is a must see if you’re into deep thrillers where if you blink you’ll miss crucial details. If you’re into horror movies with lots of jump scares where death lurks around every corner, then this is not your movie. Hereditary has a slow burn style pacing where the major horror aspects are emotional impacts that stick with you rather than quick scares.

Toni Collette stars as Annie, the mother of two children Peter and Charlie. She works as an artist of tiny life models and is preparing for an upcoming showing. We see her character creating various different models as a way for her to interpret the events that are taking place in the film. After a traumatic family tragedy impacts the family, Annie takes it upon herself to seek unconventional outlets to piece things back together. Alex Wolff plays Peter and his performance along side Collette carries this film. As a quiet teen, Peter uses facial expression to tell you everything going through his mind, and trust me when I say that his deadpan stares will stick with you long after the movie is over.

I absolutely loved this movie, as it has everything I want from a horror film. It’s been compared to the “Exorcist” which I can somewhat understand, though I feel the two types are very different. The Exorcist uses supernatural demonic horror to shock the audience whereas “Hereditary” lets the situations that take place in the movie speak for themselves. The movie lets those events hit you on as they are rather than shoving it in your face that it’s supposed to be scary. That said, like the “Exorcist,” “Hereditary” is a truly chilling horror film full of dread that will leave you feeling like you were punched in the gut emotionally.

I’ll post the trailer below so you can get somewhat of an idea, but the movie is very different from what you make think. Kudos to the marketing department for keeping all of the most exciting pieces out of the trailer.

My rating: A+

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