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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: Deadpool 2 Review *No Spoilers

Disclaimer: If you’re under 17, don’t even try getting into the movie theater here in Kokomo without an adult. I got carded both times I saw this movie and I’ve been able to see R rated movies since 2008. I have a full beard… they can’t possibly think I look 16 can they?

The first Deadpool changed the way that people saw superheroes. It made companies realize that not only children like to watch super hero movies, but adults do too. Deadpool and Logan both became hugely successful and enjoyable movies that will hopefully make way for more movies like them.

Back to Deadpool 2, was it enjoyable? Absolutely. There was a very similar feel to the first movie in terms of style but a vastly different story line that keeps Ryan Reynold’s portrayal feel fresh. The film is filled with hilarious jokes varying from slapstick humor to more indepth references, with a splash of serious moments thrown in. Here’s a nonspoilery plot analysis:

Deadpool, the mercenary with the superpower of immortality (and the ability to break the 4th wall), returns but this time instead of fighting for himself, he fights to protect a 14 year old boy. A man from the future has come to kill him and it’s up to deadpool and his newly developed team that he calls “X-Force” to stop him.

Long story short, if you liked the first one you’ll probably enjoy this one too. That said, you had better stay and watch the after credits scene. Both times I saw this in theaters more than half of the people in the audience got up and left as soon as the credits started. Like… Hello… Have they not seen a Marvel movie before? Some of the funniest moments in the movie are during the credits so watch through it and thank me later.

Rating: A

Click here to see the trailer: Language Warning

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