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It is Now Possible to Shoot Lasers From Your Eyes

Yep… if you’re a fan of Superman or Cyclops from X-Men, then your dreams are coming true (Well, to a small degree for now anyway). Scientists working at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland have figured out a way to create a contact lens that can emit a low-powered laser light. It’s not so much a death laser as it is meant for scanning barcodes. Even still, say goodbye to having to hold a laser pointer for your office presentations, just blink and your eyes will do the presenting for you!

I’m not sure how I feel about this, as I can see a lot more cons than pros to this technology. Imagine you’re on a date with someone and things are going well. You end the night at the door step as you each say how much fun you had and then you lean in for your very first kiss. You blink your eyes nervously as your date gets closer to you accidentally activating your laser eyes, effectively blinding them for the remainder of the evening (maybe permanently)! Say goodbye to date number two!

Example number two! Say you’re a scientist and you’ve discovered a rare form of plant. You pull out your trusty microscope to give this plant a closer look. As you get close to the magnifying glass you accidentally switch on your laser eyes, which immediately catches your plant on fire! Next thing you know, the whole building burns down and all of the data you’ve been working on for the last decade is now lost among the flames.

There are hundreds of other scenarios that end with ruining your life because of laser eyes but I’m struggling to find one pro outside of the ability to scan QR codes only using your eyes. The risk seems too high for the reward, but if you’re still interested check out this article to learn more!

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