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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: The Quiet Place Review

You never think about how just how loud humans are until sound is what gets you killed. John Krasinski (Jim Halpert from the Office) co-writes, directs and stars along side Emily Blunt in this post-apocalyptic, horror/thriller that answers the question: Just how far are you willing to go to protect your kids? The alien/monster in this movie hunts by sound. The only way for characters to survive is to stay silent.

This movie is spectacular in every way. It’s a completely original idea that utilizes a beautiful sound design to demonstrate how a family can survive in such a terrifying terrain. The kids can be kids even though a bloodthirsty monster could be lurking around every corner. They use sign language as well as a lighting system to communicate. They revert to primitive ways of life to collect food and other resources. Will Emily Blunt’s character be able to stay quiet enough during childbirth to survive? Can the kids adapt in this quiet world to survive? Find out by checking out The Quiet Place in theaters now.

Rating: A

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