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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: Ready Player One Review

Written by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One quickly became one of my favorite books. It was one of those stories that was so compelling you just couldn’t put it down. Ready Player One is a story of a boy named Wade who doesn’t get much enjoyment in his real life so he spends his time in the O.A.S.I.S. the mass multiplayer online video game that everyone in the story across the globe plays for free. A contest is introduced stating that the first person to find the 3 keys and open the gates will win the prize of half a trillion dollars and will remain in charge of the O.A.S.I.S.

In the book, the author stressed the urgency making you feel like it was a race to the finish with real consequences if the beloved characters fail. The movie made it seem like Steven Spielberg read the book and said “that was a great book! I should make a movie that totally changes everything and disappoints all of its fans!” All of the quests that they go on to find the keys were completely changed, which I was fine with. I thought that it was probably because the author of the book references the 80’s a lot and maybe the references would be missed by kids today. They added new characters and removed beloved ones from the book which again I was alright with. This made it so that fans of the book could still be surprised by the movie. What ruined Ready Player One for me though, was how rushed the story was. There were dozens of plot holes and weird deviations from the book that made the story seem sloppy. For example, without giving anything away, it seemed like somehow all of the characters knew exactly where every other character would be at any given time (which just seems like lazy writing to me).

That said, it was very visually appealing. Beautiful visuals and sound design. If you’re a fan of big special effects, high action and don’t care about the story then you might enjoy the movie. But me, I was disappointed.

Movie Rating: C-

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