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Ben’s Food Review Blog: Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries

Fries are the ultimate fast food meal sidekick. You could present to me any other option for side items for my meal and I’ll always choose fries. Side Salad or Soup? What am I trying to get healthy? Fries are better. Taco Bell for a long time was the one fast food place that didn’t offer fries and for many, that was the one thing that they needed. Finally on January 25th, fries have finally come to Taco Bell. Are these fries any good? How to they compare to other fast food fries?

I’m happy to report that these fries are everything that the world has been missing. I had no idea that I needed nacho cheese with my fries, but I did! The Nacho Fries are covered in Mexican seasoning that gives the flavor a little extra kick. No matter how you prefer your fries, I’m confident that you will enjoy them. They’re on sale at Taco Bell locations everywhere, try them today for just a $1.00!

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