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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: Netflix Original: The Punisher Review

Marvel’s “The Punisher” is a Netflix original series that follows the story of the antihero Frank Castle, played by Jon Beranthal, and his vengeance against the people who killed his family. If you’re following this show coming off of one of Netflix’s other hit Marvel shows “Dare Devil,” this is technically the third season in the story. This show doesn’t require you to watch the other seasons though as Erin Fletcher, Midday’s on Z92.5, was able to follow and enjoy the story without having seen Dare Devil.

Frank Castle’s becomes a vigilante known as “The Punisher” to take justice into his own hands to get revenge against the government agency that did him wrong while he was serving as a Marine in the special ops mission called “Cerberus.” Frank teams up with a mysterious computer genius with the nickname “Micro,” and together they work to expose the compromised (or kill) the compromised officials who did them wrong.

As run of the mill as this story sounds, it’s executed quite well with fun side characters and villains that grows the show into more than it sounds. “The Punisher” may have been out since the middle of last month, but if you have not seen it yet I highly recommend it. If you’re someone who likes high action thrillers where the characters have to risk it all to accomplish their goal then this show is definitely for you. “The Punisher” is more for a mature audience however as it’s rated R.

So over Christmas if you can find some time away from the family for a day or two to binge watch a new show, definitely consider checking out the Netflix Original “The Punisher.”

Rating: 8/10


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