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Ever Feel Like There’s Just Not the Right Word to Describe Something?

Words are a beautiful thing. They help us be able to describe and articulate how we’re feeling, what we’re doing and everything else. But sometimes we just feel like there isn’t the right word to describe how we feel or what we’re doing. Or is there?

Here’s a list of words from other languages that describe some things that the English language doesn’t have a word or phrase for:

Sobremesa – (so-bre-MAY-suh) It’s a Spanish word that literally translates to “over the table” It’s when you continue talking after dinner is over.

Engili – (EN-guh-lee) In India, this word means food that has already had a bite taken out of it.

Shemomedjamo – (sheh-mo-meh-CHAHMO) In Georgia (the country not the state) this means when you’re full but you keep on eating the food anyway.

Kummerspeck – (KOOMER-shpeck) It’s a German word that translates to “grief bacon” It’s when you overeat because you’re sad.

Pelinti – (pell-INTY) in Ghana, it means when you take a bite of something that’s too hot to handle so you move it around your mouth to avoid burning yourself.

So there you go, learning new words to add to your ever expanding vocabulary! Have you ever experienced any of these things? Let us know in the comments!

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