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Are you Smarter than your Average… Person?

We all like to think that we’re special. When we’re in school we all want to be the best. Though there’s not many definitive ways to tell if you’re better than anyone else, the IQ test is a way to tell your overall intelligence. There are signs that you could be smarter than others. How many of these signs do you have?

  1. You’re a first born – on average, the oldest sibling has 2.3 more IQ points than their siblings
  2. You lack common sense – smart people tend to lack common sense because their general intelligence overrides it
  3. You’re a lefty – lefties learn skills faster, and have better memory
  4. You play an instrument – musicians use their brains in a different way than non-musically-talented people
  5. You get to bed late – they also make more and live more comfortably
  6. You’re a curious person – curious people are more inquisitive and have more original ideas

Are you smarter than your friends? Let us know in the comments how many of these signs describe you!

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