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What Does How You Eat Ice Cream Say About Your Personality?

I scream, you scream we all scream for what? ICE CREAM!  We all love ice cream, and thankfully here in Kokomo there’s dozens of different places to get it. What’s your favorite way to eat ice cream? In the Cone? In a Cup? As a Milk Shake?

Baskin Robbins has been studying the way we eat ice cream for years, and they’ve been able to identify key traits in your personality based on the way you eat it.

Here’s what they found:

Ice Cream Cone Eaters – People who prefer eating from the cone are idealists who lead with their heart. Those who choose a sugar/cake cone are considered to have more outgoing traits. Those people tend to be more funny and tend to perform and entertain. Waffle cone eaters tend to be the ones to host the parties, people who are more giving, nurturing and traditional.

Bowl/Cup Eaters – Those who eat from a cup or bowl tend to be more analytical. They are rational thinkers and tend to be more responsible and family oriented than the other types of ice cream eaters.

Ice Cream Sandwich Eaters – If you prefer ice cream sandwiches,  you might tend to be more artistic, impulsive and idealistic. Cookie sandwich eaters tend to be have both strong introvert and extrovert tendencies.

Ice Cream Sundae Eaters – Do you love ice cream sundaes? Then you must be more open, passionate, motivated and loyal than others! Sundae lovers tend to be more loyal, and take more calculated risks.

Straight Out of The Carton Eaters – If you eat straight from the carton or tub, you might be more practical and resourceful than others. These ice cream lovers tend to be more dependent, pragmatic and make strong leaders.

Milkshake Drinkers – If you prefer to have your ice cream in more of a liquid form then you must be a free spirit! Milkshake lovers tend to be young at heart, fearless and more athletic than others. They also tend to take more impulsive risks.

Did you find out something new about yourself? Feel free to click here to find the whole article! 

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