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Men’s Fashion Keeps Getting Weirder… But There’s Hope!

What is going on with men’s fashion today? It all started with the romphims…

and it keeps getting worse! From romphims we went to the lace clothes for men…

and now we’re at an all time strange. Introducing the Maxi dresses and pleated skirts for men…

I’ll admit, the socks aren’t bad (though they don’t match). There is hope for the world of men’s fashion though! Check out these things called the x suits!

These suits are wrinkle proof, come with a detachable hoodie and never have to be dry cleaned! There’s odor-proof lining and they are stain-resistant! No matter what you do these suits are super awesome! Check out the kickstarter for them here! Hopefully this is the beginning of men’s fashion coming back to a better place!

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