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Would you Watch Virtual Reality Baseball?

The Kokomo Jackrabbits are almost here! One of Kokomo’s favorite pass times is just a week away and America’s favorite pass time is in full swing. Though the Kokomo team is right near by, some of your favorite MLB teams may not be. What if you could get the feel of being at a baseball game from the comfort of your own home? Well that still doesn’t exist, but something comparable is coming to virtual reality headsets.

Coming June 1st, the new At Bat VR app will allow you see right behind home plate and show you graphical depictions of each pitch, with different colors to signify the results of the pitch (green is for balls and red for strikes). The app also traces the balls trajectory and lets you see many other statistics.

Traditional TV coverage of the games will appear on a virtual screen in front of you along side these statistics. Who knows, maybe this is the first step to real virtual reality baseball! What do you think? Would you want to do try this app? Let us know what you think!

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