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Rat Cafe: Who Wants Coffee… and Rats?

So you’ve probably heard of cat cafes, but have you heard of rat cafes? Cat cafes have sprouted up all across the U.S. (including an up and coming one right here in Kokomo) and have become very popular! You get to have your coffee and pet cute cats, who wouldn’t love that? Well in San Francisco they’re taking it to the next level with the “Rat Cafe”.

The Rat Cafe is a two day only event where for $49.99 people can enjoy a glass of morning coffee followed by 15 minutes of being surrounded by domesticated rats. The price includes as much coffee, tea, water and pastries as you want. The food will be cleared out before the rats are allowed in the room.

What do you think? Sound like fun? Sound terrifying? Let us know if this is something you would do!

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