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Sologamy! For those Who have Always Wanted a Solo Wedding

Many little kids lie awake in bed at night thinking about their dream wedding, the dress that they’ll wear and all of the fun people they’ll invite. If you are someone who has always wanted a lavish wedding, but just haven’t met the right person, apparently now you can! It’s called Sologamy and it’s the newest trend in positive self-image. The only person we have to be around forever no matter what is ourselves, so Sologamy promotes loving who you are. It’s become more than just an expression; people are throwing huge wedding ceremonies for themselves – dress and all – with invitations, guests and the whole bit. There are companies capitalizing on this new global trend. “Marry Yourself” in out in Canada does photography primarily for solo weddings. There’s even a website called that sells Sologamy kits. What do you think? Would you go to a friends solo wedding? Would you have your own? Let us know!

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