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How Weird are your Eating Habits?

Everyone’s got that one thing that’s weird that we eat. I remember as a kid I always loved eating burnt toast, cold mac and cheese and frozen cinnamon toast… Okay maybe my eating habits were a little weirder than normal… But maybe your eating habits are weird too! Buzzfeed released a survey talking about the way we eat certain foods, see if you fit into any of this weirdness:

1.  21% of people don’t peel their string cheese, they just bite the entire thing.

2.  14% eat ribs with a knife and fork.

3.  19% eat macaroni and cheese with a spoon.

4.  18% eat pizza with a knife and fork.

5.  7% eat pizza crust first.

6.  5% don’t break apart Kit Kat bars and just take bites of the entire thing.

7.  5% eat canned ravioli straight out of the can, cold.

8.  And 1% of people eat their cereal with milk and ice cubes.

Are you weirder than you thought? Let us know!

Check out the full Buzzfeed quiz here!

-Blog post written by Ben Rutz

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