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How to Win at the Claw Game!

The Claaaaaaaaw! Everyone knows the claw game at arcades. The game in every romantic comedy where the guy magically wins the girl the perfect stuffed animal. The game that tormented you every trip to the bowling alley. The game that laughed every time you finally got the claw to pick up something then to just drop it before the finish. Yes, that game! Fortunately, this game will taunt you no longer! Here’s how to beat the infamous claw game:

  1. Check out the prize pit – Specifically how tightly the prizes are packed. A tightly-packed prize pit will make it a lot harder to win. Wait until it loosens up.
  2. Watch the player in front of you and how the machine reacts when they play. Pay attention to if the claw grip is too loose, or if it’s designed to let go or give a jiggle after it grasps something.
  3. Pick your target carefully. You may not be able to get that teddy bear that is underneath everything. You may have to go for the weird looking alien that’s on top. Also avoid one’s up against the side, those are impossible to get.
  4. Play once you get a feel of the claw.
  5. Maneuver your prize to a better position. Play a couple of times to bump and draw a prize closer to the chute to make it easier to grab on a second or third try.
  6. Use most of your time getting the claw exactly into the right position.
  7. Don’t assume every claw machine is rigged. Though this game is like typical carnival games and it’s very difficult to win, there is that slight possibility.

So there you go… how to win at the claw game! So get out there, win that prize for your date and show them your made claw skills!

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