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Does your Mom Do these Things?

Mom’s are the best! That’s why we are celebrating them all month long! Sometimes mom’s catch a lot of flack for doing those stereotypical “momisms.” A new survey put out by Buzzfeed asked the question which “momism” does your mom do? Check out the results! Let us know if this is something your mom does!

  1. Leaves you in the Grocery Store line while she goes to grab one more thing… 90% of people’s moms have done that! (Jessica’s mom would say “go long” and throw a loaf of bread down the isles!)
  2. Texts with just one finger… Mom texts are the best! (Once, Ben’s mom sent him a text with no spaces between words because she couldn’t figure out where the space button was)
  3. Won’t get you a snack when you’re out because you “have food in the house”
  4. Gets into never-ending conversations with people she runs into at the store… (Mom! Can we just go home please? My feet are tired and I’m hungry!)
  5. Still holds grudges against kids who wronged you years or decades ago… (No one holds a grudge like Jessica’s mom!)
  6. Tells you that you look beautiful or handsome even when you look terrible (man… my mom never did that!)
  7. Holds her arm out in front of you when she slams the brakes (also known as mom arm!)
  8. Calls Celebrities by the wrong name (Mooooooooom! It’s pronounced Bee-Yon-Say, not Bee-Yon-See! Gosh Mooooom!)
  9. Literally always has tissues on her in case you need one
  10. Hands you mail that was addressed to you that she’d already opened (It’s called privacy mom! stop opening my mail!)

Does your mom do any of these? Let us know and celebrate your mom for Mother’s day!

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