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It’s National Penguin Day!

Happy National Penguin Day!!!

Here’s some fun facts about penguins to help get you through the day!

1. Emperor Penguins are the tallest standing nearly 4 feet high. the Little Blue Penguin is the smallest which is only about 16 inches.

Much like everyone else in the world, it’s pretty safe to assume that penguins probably would love roller coasters! Unfortunately for the little blue penguin, it doesn’t look like they meet the height requirements to ride any of your favorite rides.

Popular Roller coaster Height Requirements:
Disney World Space Mountain – 3′ 8″
Cedar Point Wicked Twister – 4′ 4″
2. The Fastest Penguin is the Gentoo Penguin that swims speeds up to 22 mph.

That is faster than you think! But also not as fast as a lot of other things go in the water…

Top Speeds in Water:
Humans – 4.5 mph
Jet Skis – ~80 mph

3. Penguins can have a maximum of 2 babies at a time. Some types, like the Emperor penguin, can only have one.

That’s not a lot of babies! Everybody loves babies! Here’s other animals that can have way more babies at once!

Most Babies Ever Recorded:
Rabbit – 14
Mice – 34
Humans – 8
Snakes – 109 (Terrifying)

4. On average, Penguins spend about 75% of their lives in water.

Everyone loves going swimming! Here’s how often other animals are in the water.

Percentage of Life Spend in Water:

Turtles: About 80% depending on the species
Humans: About .5% depending on the amount that they shower
Fish: 100% (shocking)

Hope these fun facts made your day a little better. Have a great rest of your day!

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