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Safety Tips for Driving in a Flood

With possible flooding coming to Howard County, it’s important to be prepared. Here’s some tips for driving in heavy flooding!

  • If you’re in a car during the heavy flooding or if water is rising around it, all passengers should get out of there immediately and go to higher ground. Just six inches of water can cause tires to lose traction and slide; 12 inches will float many vehicles.
  • Don’t sit let your car fill up with water. Stay calm and unbuckle your seat belt. Open the door and get out as long as water is under the bottom of the door.
  •  It water is above the bottom of the door, don’t open the door because it will let in water. Power windows don’t stop working immediately, so you should be able to roll your window down and get out that way. 
  •  Carrying a special hammer for breaking vehicle windows would be helpful in case windows can’t be rolled down. Rear window may be best escape route since it’s larger. A flashlight helps in the dark, especially if you’re alone in an area with no streetlights.  Do not touch, brush against or try to remove a live wire on your vehicle while exiting.
  •  Once outside the vehicle, go to higher ground. If there is no ground or structure nearby that is higher than the roof of your vehicle, consider climbing on to your vehicle’s roof, especially to avoid being swept away by fast-moving water.
  •   Try to keep your cell phone dry and operational, so you can call 911 after escaping to higher ground.

Big thanks to the National Weather Service for providing these tips. Click here to learn more.

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