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Solved: The Struggle of Long Distance Relationships is Over!

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? It can be very difficult to keep it up long term. Do you trust your partner while they’re so far away? Are you communicating enough? Are you making plans to see each other soon? Without the level of intimacy that comes with being close it’s tough to stay happy.

Thankfully there’s a new app that solves all of these problems! It’s called “Kissenger” and it allows you to send kisses all the way across the world! The Kissenger is a device that you hook your phone up to and when one person kisses the Kissenger, it sends the kiss across to the other person… You don’t believe this is real do you? The video is posted below! Check it out! Don’t miss out on kisses ever again with the “totally amazing” Kissenger! Thank you technology for saving our relationships.

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