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Top 20 Emojis of 2016!

The list has arrived! What is your favorite Emoji? Jessica’s favorite is the crying laughing face! Ben’s favorite is the old man (Ben doesn’t use Emojis much…). Did your favorite emoji make the list? Check it out below!

1. Face with tears of joy
2. Heart
3. Smiling with heart-shaped yes
4. Face blowing a kiss
5. Smiling face with smiling eyes
6. Smiling face
7. Ok hand sign
8. Grinning face with smiling eyes
9. Loudly crying face
10. Two hearts
11. Unamused face
12. Smirking face
13. See-no-evil monkey
14. Winking face
15. Disappointed but relieved face
16. Heart with arrow
17. Pensive face
18. Sparkling heart
19. Grinning face
20. Clapping hands sign


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