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Spot The Fake! Two Craigslist Stories and One Fake!

Spot the Fake

Craigslist is a magical place. It’s your one stop shop for everything from home made apple sauce to pet rocks. Among the great deals you can be getting on Craigslist are some hidden gems that make stop and do a double take. Below are two real Craigslist stories and one fake. Can you spot the fake?

1. Free mattress

Just bought a new bed, now I need to get rid of my old one. It’s free if you can get it out of my apartment. I think I may be allergic to it because I’ve been waking up itchy lately. I live on the fourth floor.

2. Need someone to hide easter eggs in my apartment when im not home

“I need someone to hide easter eggs in my apt when i am not there ! They are small and filled with candy! I would like to find them myself on Sunday! I am willing to pay! Serious inquiries only!”

3. I want some orange juice

“I’ll give you $2 + cost if you’ll deliver me some orange juice with receipt. I’m too lazy to get it myself. Thank you.”

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