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Are You Still Hip?


As we age we start to lose connection with what’s cool in the world. What’s popular these days? What kind of lingo are the kids using? Am I still cool?

No matter what we think you’re still cool, but just in case you’re a little behind on the times, we’ve got you covered! Here’s five of the latest and greatest new slang that the kids are using these days.

Hundo P – 100%

Dude bro, are you going to that wicked sweet party tonight?

Hundo P! Let’s split an Uber Yo!


Lit – Crazy, Awesome, Cool

Woah bro! That wicked sweet party last night was so lit!

Dude it totally was lit yo! Thanks for splitting that Uber with me!


Ship – Relationship

Dude bro, man homie! That wicked sweet party was off the chain two nights ago!

It sure was bro, did you see Thomas and Ellie last night? They were so flirty!

Yeah, I’m totally shipping Thomas and Ellie.


Sus – Suspect, a shady person or situation

Dude homie bro man slice! That party three nights ago, wow, I just cannot get over how lit it was!

Yeah man it was a totally killer party. Did you see Steve standing in the corner all night though?

Yeah broski, he was looking totally sus last night.


High Key – Straight up truth, no denying it

Yo yo yo home skillet broski homie dawg, my main man! That wicked killer sweet amazing party four nights ago sure was the greatest thing of all time!

Yeah dude, that party was high key insanity!


So there you go! Now you know how to talk to the cool kids these days. Just pepper in some of their groovy lingo and you’ll be high key lit yo!

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