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Are You a Normal Person?

Buzzfeed has got a brand new quiz out that tests people on their normality. How do you cut your sandwich? How do you wear your watch or eat your pizza?

According to the quiz as of this morning:

1. 48% of people sit on public toilet seats. 27% squat or hover over them, and 25% use a seat cover or put down a layer of toilet paper.

2. You know how your earbuds say “L” and “R”? 91% of people follow that and put the corresponding bud in the correct ear.

3. 79% of people cut their sandwiches diagonally. Only 21% cut them down the middle.

4. Only 42% of people shower in the morning, the other 58% shower at night.

5. 97% of people wear their watch with the face on the outside of their wrist. 3% have the face on the inside.

6. And 5% of people eat pizza by starting with the crust.
For the most updated results take the quiz: Click here

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